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Sitefinders Contributors

The Sitefinders Network publishes news, features and guides. Some of the Sitefinders sites have literally thousands of pages of topical information, much of which is published daily. The core model of many SFN sites is to provide the best service possible to the visitor.

To do this, we need to provide the best information, the most comprehensive guides and news as it happens. The Sitefinders Network therefore relies on a content and information team.

Our editorial team includes former newspaper and magazine professionals who have seen the future and moved into the online spectrum.

Managing Editor

The Sitefinders managing editor is qualified to MA level in Professional Writing. With a background in print publishing as a sub-editor, contributing editor and editor his role with SFN is to manage content-creation for new domains by building and implementing structure plans. Each site is different, and to achieve site goals and maintain audience interest, every site needs a different approach. In his spare time, he writes.

Specialist Journalists

Our team of specialist journalists work remotely to source, create and write content. Because of the diversity of the Sitefinders portfolio of domains, our journalistic team is constantly adapting and evolving. Our journalists have to be on the pulse – liaising with media agencies and leading companies to source press releases, keeping abreast of their subjects through trade journals and magazines, and keeping their noses to the ground to find great stories for our sites. We are always looking for new expert contributors.


Our publisher checks and uploads all Sitefinders content and news articles, no easy task in itself. To make the situation easier, Sitefinders created a bespoke content management and upload system allowing our publishing team to edit and approve each bit of copy before it goes live. 

Content Writers

Our content team are freelance writers who help us by writing content or information. This copy is then verified by our specialist journalists and checked and edited by our publisher. Our content writers are typically emerging journalists, many of whom are currently studying for further qualifications in this field. Each of our content writers is briefed on how to write especially for our sites.

Getting it right...

The logistics of publishing content for so many websites means that Sitefinders also employs content writers, and all content is routed through a publisher before going online. The publishing process allows us to respond quickly, and gives us a crucial screening process to make sure no content reaches our sites unless it is immaculate. Our cross-network language and style guide aims to be simple, powerful and direct.