Selection of Sitefinders Online Properties

Below is a selection of our live online properties. As seen these properties cover a wide variety of market sectors ; each acting as a separate entity with it’s own business model.

Each online property is a trusted, reliable resource for it’s targeted market. No property is left behind; with each property quarterly monitored to ensure optimal performance for the user – which means better results for business and advertisers.

Property Selection

Rather than listing all of our online brands, we’ve chosen a select few below. To see all of our currently active properties, please browse our domains., the online resource for home brewing and craft beers lovers everywhere. We provide useful information guides on how to make beer yourself and all world beers.

Our Home Brewers Guide holds you by the hand and gently takes you through the process of making beer at home.

Colleges is the UK central website through which students can find out about, and prospectively apply for, college and higher education. We provide information and services to prospective students and HE professionals.

Whether you’re a parent or teenager, GCSEs and A-levels are a huge part of life. The grades achieved can play a big role in determining what colleges, sixth forms, universities and jobs you can go into, so you need to know all about them.

Putting Consumers First is at the heart of the Professional Financial Claims Association’s objectives. Members undertake to work to the highest ethical and professional standards when dealing with Consumers, financial institutions and other parties associated with the process of Financial Dispute Resolution Management. provides a one-stop resource to finding and understanding the maze of information on home buyer options and the application processes.

With a wide range of reviews and information on laptops and other everyday tech such as tablets, phones and gadgets to go with them, we can help you decide which product is best for you. If you’re new to the world of computing, or just want to refresh your knowledge, you can check out the guides sections for a quick technology lesson.

Money saving supermarket provides guides, offers and best buys for food prices, shopping, credit cards, broadband, energy prices, banking, savings, loans, and voucher codes.

The 2018 Pet Population report found that in the UK, 9 million households (around a quarter of all homes) owned dogs, making them the most popular pet in the country.

Man’s best friend has been working and playing alongside us millennia, and have become a significant part of our society and of the home.