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We believe in ethical expansion which we find happens in a number of ways.

Undeveloped Domains

We're keen to work with partners or individuals that have innovative ideas for any of the undeveloped domains in the Sitefinders portfolio and develop these domains into thriving websites.

This has become a very successful avenue for Sitefinders. was taken under the wing of four twentysomethings to create a site where people can find friends in their area. Similarly, was dormant for 10 years until 2009 when Sitefinders partnered with an individual to create the UK's only 100% free dating site.

Infant Domains

We consider our URLs to be like children. As when a site is made live, there is still a lot more left to do. We're always willing to work in partnership with other businesses in order to further progress properties we currently have online.


We're able to purchase or invest in small online businesses or partner with them and use our expertise to help their business flourish.

Online properties would be considered in any arena (excluding adult/gambling) focusing on the UK. Properties should have records for traffic and revenue stretching at least 18 months prior. More often than not, our expertise alone can help properties flourish in a very short timeframe.

Open to Ideas

We're always open to ideas from individuals or businesses. If you'd like to get in touch with us about an idea, contact us here.