Many of the employees at Sitefinders have been with us for years. We help our employees grow. Growth in both their professional and personal lives. We don’t expect employees to specialise just in one area. Our web designers can create back-end applications just like our SEO team are almost experts at CSS.

We provide training and learning methods to ensure employees can maximise their time beneficially.

All we ask from employees is that they have a willingness to learn, experiment and expand. We love to see employees coming up with ideas that bear fruit and learning from what works well and what doesn’t work so well.

Working at Sitefinders means that you can wear what you want to work; that you can help and share your knowledge with a rainbow of nationalities and cultures; that you can listen to music while you work (whether that be Heart FM (!) through the tanoy speakers or your own music); and best of all, you get to partake in Pizza Friday.


There are currently 0 vacant positions at Sitefinders. However, if you have an exceptional CV or are interested in work experience, contact us here.


We’re keen to grow, sustainably. This is possible through partnering with individuals who may be keen to develop an undeveloped domain within the Sitefinders network, or acquiring other small businesses or web sites. You can find more information about these opportunities, here.