Advertising with Us

Many advertisers see CTRs of less than 5% online. Why? Because users don’t log on to look at adverts, they log on for content, products and services.

Our targeted domains intrinsically ensure that individuals on our sites are more than interested in certain distinct topics. Coupled with geo-coding, we know that our adverts are targeted to the visitors interests and location – without any details having to be entered by the users themselves.

Remarkably targeted + remarkably simple = maximum ROI

Banner Advertising

Our targeted domains and intelligent user profiling guarantee conversions through any of our network sites will far outweigh any of those you’ve experienced before. We work on CPM, CPA and CPC; so you can maximize your budget. We have a third party ad management system to ensure you get your stats when you want them.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is simple. Why? When you’re using targeted domains and expert user profiling you know exactly how to approach your visitor. More than that, you know what they want; and you know why they’ve just popped into your store.

Our sites hosting forms have unique visitor to lead conversion rates of over 30%. Our front end team are world experts in maximising lead generation conversion.

Email Subscribers

Our portfolio of live properties have over 150,000 collective opt-in email subscribers. Subscriber information includes site of referral, gender, location and age; meaning that advertisers can refine their requirements to ensure clients get maximum ROI across any industry sector.

Community members

A number of Sitefinders’ sites (such as have grown into online communities. Our 75,000+ community members are extremely receptive to carefully structured emails and client interaction such as surveys, polls and questionaires. The CTR response from community members exceeds 45% for tailored mails.

We are able to assist in both the design and creation of these interactions to ensure maximum CTRs.

Advertising with Sitefinders

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