About Sitefinders

Sitefinders began way back in 1996, when the founders of the company thought that the internet ‘might be big’. The insight at Sitefinders was always that it’d be simpler to be found as a generic rather than a brand online; hence Sitefinders invested in some generic domain names.

With the Dot Com Crash in  the late 1990’s, Sitefinders was in an exemplary position to capitalise & present the generic domain model. The Sitefinder’s portfolio grew exponentially over the proceeding years as other companies disappeared.

With over 150 of the 2,500 generic domains owned by Sitefinders developing into distinguished online properties, the Sitefinders networks has had a massive impact in the UK.

What are generic domain names?

In a cluttered and depleted domain name market, generic or premium domains have become a powerful tool in the art of marketing a brand online. Premium domain names are generally short, easy to remember, and use a popular extension, such as .com,  .co.uk  or .uk.

A generic domain name is a word or set of words that is commonly found in the dictionary, such as diy.com or domains.com. Generic domains can be in an TLD, however, the .com TLD is the most valuable generic domain name of all.

A generic domain name is easier to remember than an unfamiliar brand, such as domains4dsale.com. The generic domain name also provides a degree of trust or authority as the user knows exactly what to expect when they visit that website.

Generic domain names cam also be easier to rank high in organic search results on Google, Bing and other search engines, and once established will drive exponentially more traffic to the website with higher conversions.

Find a Generic Domain for your Business

We own and operate a large portfolio of premium domain names covering most market sectors. So no what matter kind of business you want to set up, we are sure you will find a killer domain in our extensive portfolio. You can buy, rent or lease any one of our premium domain names. We use a reputable and secure domain brokering service to process this so you can safely acquire your preferred domain name from us.

Buy a Domain

No matter what kind of domain you want for your business or brand, we are sure to have one priced right for you and will make the transfer simple and safe.

Rent a Domain

If you want access access to a Brandable or premium domain name otherwise outside Your Budget this is the option with a  six month minimum term.

Lease to Buy a Domain

Lease to buy – the best of both worlds for is setting up a rent-to-own lease deal with us where you choose to set up a time to buy in the future. Max term 15 years.